A New Term is Beginning in Jowl: KYBELLA

The company which is eponym of Botox product that is spoken frequently has released a product. Its name is Kybella called Kibele-msiYou knew it right, that was derived from the name of fat plump goddess that is the mother of Kybele, Magna Mater gods.The aim of this product is to destroy fat cells and render fat on double chin so under the chin.We can say that it is a very practical solution to make your profile look more aesthetical. In addition, it is very important to add, Kybella is one and only FDA-approved injectable drug about this.Who can prefer KYBELLA?If you are uncomfortable with fat excess under your jaw, that makes you unhappyIf it makes you look fatter and older than you look.If you do not want to have surgeryIf this fullness does not go away even if you lose weight and do exercises on this areaYou can prefer Kybella- Kibele.Now let’s give details and see what Kybella is if you like.As I said before, Kybella has drug feature that kills double chin called jowl that we call submental fat under the chin. There is deoxycholic acid in its content and it is administered to be injected in the area.It is synthetic deoxycholic acid that is available in its active ingredient and actually it is a molecule that is present in our body naturally, and its aim is to help digest and absorb fat. When the fat under chin is injected, Kibele destroys fat cells and it leads to significant reduction in fullness under the chin. As a result, the cells on this area will not store fat or accumulate and the requested aesthetic appearance is gained.VERY importantKibele treatment can be performed by a specialist doctor in this field. In each treatment, very small injection is administered under your chin and the injection operation takes 15-20 minutes. The number of operation will depend on the amount of fat under your chin and the requested aesthetical profile.Because everyone has different chin profile, the number of treatments will vary from patient to patient. As I said before, how many Kibele session you need to take one more is determined by the amount of submental fat and distribution depending on personal treatment options. The break of KYBELLA session is at least one month and you should not take more than 6 sessions.Kybell not yet found in Turkey but unfortunately very recently that we have this important treatment option in our country and want to start the first treatment as soon as possible to our valued guests.

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