Bamboo Massage to Relax

Having a massage on your toned and stressed muscles after intense work life, stressed and exhausted day makes your tiredness disappear. In massage places or homes, the number of massage specialists increase day by day. After massage sessions to fight tiredness, relax muscles, make blood circulation easier, you can have a vivid body. Bamboo Massage we performed in DoctorB Clinic is a therapy type applied for centuries. As a result of applying a system that is integrated with pressing, massaging, rubbing and beating techniques, the body is almost kneaded and relaxation of body is provided. In addition, it plays an important role in cellulitis treatment. Almost all massage techniques that are used come from the far east civilizations. Chinese people have discovered that massage please human soul greatly, ease pain, relax muscle tonus and recover damaged organs. Many massage techniques are developed not only in far east countries but also Egypt and Antic Greece. Bamboo massage makes human body sensitive increase, activate immobilized muscles and mobilize our body. After having massage, the expression “I have been tired” shows that the massage is not performed with correct motions, the performer made intense pressure on the muscles. It is possible to be relaxed but you definitely feel tired, unlike this, you will be more vivid and feel like a new person. If you would like to have bamboo massage, we are waiting for you in sessions in Zorlu Center DoctorB Clinic where is the only place in our country. If there are hernia, muscle tearing and/or other abnormalities, it is possible to experience serious problem when bamboo massage is performed by non-specialist person. Nerves and muscles leave in our body so that an incorrect motion may lead to tearing and serious traumas with severe massage technique.