Discover The Beauty Secret of Nefertiti!

Many of us invest in our skin and hope to look younger than it actually form. However, the neck area is always neglected in this process and as a result, the signs of aging are starting to show faster. It is necessary to look at this problem as a whole and not neglect the neck region. Here is the name of the neck area for the beautiful-necked Egyptian Queen Nefertiti- Nefertiti botox comes into play. The long neck and a good jaw line have been the distinguishing feature of beauty since the time of the Egyptians. Therefore, Nefertiti neck lifting or Nefertiti botox is a non-surgical procedure that redefines the neck and jaw line for a more contoured appearance. In Nefertiti botox, your doctor examines your face and neck in depth. This technique involves multiple Botox injections along the muscle as well as the lower jaw line and length. This helps rebalance the underlying muscles and gives form to the jaw and neck. It continues its effect for an average of 4 to 6 months. You should take some precautions after the treatment. For example, do not prefer sauna or heavy sports for 48 hours. In addition, we recommend that you keep the neck for at least four hours after treatment and keep your neck as high as possible. After three days you will notice that the visible lines on your neck are gone and your neck is softer, more tight and alive. This is a treatment we can offer for anyone who wants to maintain the integrity of the skin and turn back the aging time without having to resort to surgery.