Don’t be Afraid of Smiling and Making Gestures

Although many people believe that smiling increases facial wrinkles, the process is actually the opposite. Thanks to the smile, the facial muscles move, so that more oxygen is delivered to the area through the veins, thereby increasing the elasticity of the skin. The smile that activates the skin’s collagen and elastin fibers delays the formation of sagging and lines, especially around the eyes and mouth, contrary to popular belief. The benefits of smiling – Increases skin collagen production – Gives skin elasticity – Provides skin recovery and prevents sagging – Oxygen is pumped to the skin with the movement of the facial muscles – Laughter reduces the level of cortisol and stress hormone, activating the endorphin gland makes you even more happy. – Low cortisol levels are also beneficial on the skin We would also like to remind you that there are many applications you can do to increase collagen and elastin. Fillings, Spider Web aesthetics are just a few of them You can interfere with mimic wrinkles with botox in the most practical way. The following days when we enter the summer season, it is worth remembering: The most important factor for wrinkling and sagging of the face is sun and cigarettes. Due to the ultraviolet rays it emits, the sun thins and dries the skin. Since dehydration is the skin’s greatest enemy, the skin must be moisturized before and after the sun and supplemented with protective creams. Another important issue that will give moisture to the skin is water. Moisture needs to be met with external skin creams and internal water consumption. The effect of smoking on the skin is obvious. Prevents skin nourishment through veins and oxygen intake. You can even understand the skin difference between a smoker and a non-smoker.