How is Solved Panda Eyes?

Every year we help hundreds of patients with personalized methods for treatment of under-eye bruising. These people, who are annoyed by their tired looks, complain about this situation when they come to us. Bruising under the eyes affects their private lives as well as their business lives indirectly. They feel uncomfortable at the meetings they enter with tired looks in their business life and they come to us to have a more dynamic live look. The treatment process is initiated by selecting the appropriate method or methods for the treatment of under-eye bruise, which is the preferred aesthetic strategy that we have created for each patient. Problems that can be solved by a single method can be combined as well as methods used for the treatment of multiple bruises. While laser treatment is sufficient, sometimes there may be need for light cushion or surgical methods. These methods may vary depending on the person’s physical condition, age, or cause or level of bruising under the eyes. We first investigate the cause of the problem for treatment of under-eye bruising. After identifying the problem that causes the under-eye bruise, we begin to apply the special treatment method to this problem. The common problem of patients who come to us for treatment of under-eye bruising is skin pigmentation. For example, the appearance of blood vessels in purple form can be a reason, so purple-looking blood vessels are one of the causes of under-eye bruising. Laser is the method of choice for the treatment of bruising in our patients who have this problem and this advanced technology can be used to restore the normal color of the skin. With the application of laser peeling can be done in this way with the increase in the amount of collagen in the area of ​​under-eye bruise, under-eye bruise occurs by increasing the quality of the skin under the bruise is provided to resolve the problem. In some cases, a hyaluronic acid-containing filler may be used to prevent tear pits and bruising of the upper cheek. Hyaluronic acid fillings, which are said to be a light cushion of the eye, can be filled by tear pit and upper cheek, and this is one of the most effective methods used in the treatment of bruise. These methods, which can be applied for the treatment of bruising, need to be determined for the patient. One or more of these methods may be used simultaneously after the detailed strategy to be determined after the detailed examination of the patient by the doctor. Treatment of bruising under the eyes is very important for eye and eye aesthetics. Early intervention is a much more effective treatment for gaze aesthetics. It is even more important for the patient to continue his dynamic life vividly with little touches before the problems progress. Solving problems from the beginning can be solved in a much simpler way. There are many methods that can be applied for advanced under-eye bruising complaints. Occasionally, under-eye bruises sometimes occur at a young age and sometimes with advanced age. There may be problems related to blood circulation problems, etopic eczema or genetics. Many allergies, insomnia or even runny nose can cause it. Whatever the reason, this person is uncomfortable and wants to get rid of this situation. Smoking under the eyes can also be caused by various vitamin deficiencies. Determining all these reasons and determining individual treatment methods requires expertise. The problem of under-eye bruising can occur at any age. Even some children can see this problem. In a simple way, it is possible to reach the solution by filling method or stem cell fat transfer method in 10 minutes. So is 100% success possible in one session? Sometimes the first intervention may not yield results, but the second application may be able to achieve results up to 100%. Please contact us immediately if you would like more detailed information about these methods for the treatment of bruising.