Non Surgical Eyelid Treatment With Vivid Looks

As we age, we observe the most deformation in the eye area and around the eyes. Fine lines around the eyes, sagging and bloating, even the biggest problem of the face that appears young. This is an annoying situation for almost everyone and especially in business life, causing individuals to look tired, extremely distressing. However, Plasma Energy technology offers a revolutionary, non-surgical option, especially for the eyelid and its surroundings. In aesthetic medicine and rejuvenating therapies, plasma is the revolutionary and innovative development, using the fourth form of matter, to form the basis of this technology. The system is very sensitive and gives excellent results for the eye area, which is a particularly sensitive area. Thanks to the technology that works as the process of converting the solid into direct gas, immediate results are obtained. The plasma pen runs without spreading heat to the surrounding areas without damaging the skin, which means it is perfect for drooping eyelids. The Plasma Energy pen squeezes and tightens the surface skin tissue, thus providing immediate lifting and dramatic skin tightening effect. First, it rejuvenates the outer skin layer known as the epidermis, then stimulates collagen and elastin production and strengthens the skin structure. Plasma Energy normally only gives you outstanding results after surgery, and no incision is made and no stitching is performed. Excess eyelid is sublimated using plasma beam without damaging the skin, basement membrane, muscle or other substructures. The result causes excess skin in the upper or lower eyelid, as well as the excess skin in the skin. It also causes healing of expression lines and goose feet at the corner of the eye. The results vary depending on the severity of skin laxity or lesion size, general condition of the skin. Many patients begin to see results in a few days. When the tissues in the upper eyelids are retracted and tightened, we suggest that the results may be different according to the case. Number of sessions and number of sessions are determined according to skin type, skin laxity. We are waiting for you at Doctor B Clinic for the Plasma Energy treatment which is a highly effective remedy for non-surgical eyelid aesthetics.