Refresh Your Eyes With Light Fill Under The Eye

As the aging continues, the appearance of our face changes. Some problem areas under the eye are becoming more apparent and an undesirable appearance of tiredness occurs. The bruises under the eyes are of course not just dependent on aging. There are many people living this problem despite their genetically young age. Injections such as under-eye fillers help cure this problem. Here is some information about this treatment. The separation and displacement of fats that combine the lower eyelid and the cheek over time, is one of the most common problems we have encountered, allowing the formation of detention bruises. When this situation becomes more pronounced, it may form a hollow appearance or dark shadows under the eyes. Even if you are rested and sleepless and happy, it still shows you tired. Thanks to advances in non-surgical treatments, injection therapies such as dermal fillers benefit from changing the appearance of this problematic area, turning bruises into skin tones, and stopping fat pads as before. The appearance of deep tearing grooves is usually the result of changes in all layers of the face, including skin, fat and muscle. If the sensitive skin around the eyes is unprotected or affected by sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles develop. Over time, under the lower eyelid and upper cheek area, there is a natural decrease in fat tissue. The muscles of the lower lid slowly lose their elasticity and are no longer tight or in place. This can create a more prominent, cavity-like area under the eyes. Sometimes this lack of volume creates the appearance of dark circles. The rate of occurrence of these changes varies from person to person. In other cases, dark circles and eye bags are a result of genetics and are likely to be present in most of the patient’s life, so it doesn’t matter if you are young or old. Under-eye filler is a treatment that solves these problems. Uses hyaluronic acid injections that are already present in the body and attract water to create more volume. When more volume is given to the area under the eye, the appearance of dark circles is reduced. Under-eye filler lasts 15-30 minutes on average. It is a painless procedure. Typically, you can immediately observe the results from this treatment, and can last for an average of 6 to 18 months.