Renew Your Skin With Plaxpot Plasma Energy

Our skin can undergo different forms of form loss over time. Especially cracks, wrinkles, marks, spots that appear on the skin surface are extremely annoying because they can produce worse results unless precautions are taken. The technology that developed day-to-day aesthetics has created a system that can prevent all these problems with a highly effective device. Its name is Plasma Plaxpot. We would like to examine this pencil shaped device which is a revolutionary cosmetic procedure method. Plaxpot Plasma creates a pen-like device and a plasma arc similar to a small lightning bolt with electrical energy from the device by ionizing oxygen in the air and nitrogen during application. When it strikes the skin, it vaporizes the liquid in the skin at the point of contact, and the surrounding skin is tightened, causing shrinkage and shrinkage. Although the layers of the skin evaporate by plasma, they do not burn, only the upper surface becomes a burn, and after a few days as part of the healing process they are poured. Skin fibroblasts are stimulated to produce collagen and elastin, which provide more tightening effect. The effects are seen immediately, after 2-4 weeks, complete results are obtained. Especially under the eye, the lower eyelid bagging, upper eyelid sags, neck sags, wrinkles around the mouth, cracks, marks, sun spots, post-operative traces are extremely useful. Plaxpot works on a completely different mechanism of action than laser or other applications. By producing plasma, it provides the vitality of the tissue and gives better results than other skin tightening or rejuvenation methods. The plasma produced by the Plasma Plaxpot can enter the skin layer and completely change the skin’s mechanism, which briefly acts on the skin. Compared to RF, that is to say the radio frequency, the plasma acts only on the epidermal layer, so it can cause several scars and minor damage. The main principle of plasma treatment is Sublimation and Tightening. It is safe and even safe for the sensitive eyelid area, because it only affects the epidermis.