Skin Care Products That Are Compatible With Your Skin Type

The need of each skin type is different from each other. Not using proper products may lead to irritation and rash on the skin surface. For that reason, using products that are compatible with our skin structure will protect our skin and is going to be a health investment for the future years.Normal skinIt is an ideal skin type that has no problem. Its pores are closed and skin color is healthy. Milk type cleaners can be used easily. When you put on heavy makeup, you can use in mild-formula foaming cleaners. An alcohol-free tonic and water-based moistener is going to be enough for your daily cleaning.Combination skinIn combination skins, hand, forehead, jaw and bone oily cheek areas are dry. Because it is sensitive skin, care must be taken. Pore and acne problems may occur. The milk type cleaners that will be used are alcohol-free tonic and oil balancing moistener. Face washing usually dries cheek area. You can use oil balancing and non-drying face creams instead of gel.Dry skinDry skins that are relaxed in terms of use in young ages will be more problematic as the years pass. Their appearance is usually matte. They have no pore and acne problems. Flaking problem occur from time to time and wrinkles start to appear in early age. Milk-type cleaners that will be used are alcohol-free tonic and oily moistener.Oily skinIt is a skin type where most problems are seen. Black point and acne problems are frequently seen. If care is not taken, skin may be sensitive. The products that will be used are gel-type cleaners, alcohol free tonic and oil-free and balancing moisteners. Contrary to what is believed, alcoholic tonics are not good for any skin type and irritate skin surface. In future years, it may lead to skin blemishes. For that reason, to prefer alcohol-free tonics will be a truer approach.Oily and tender skinIt is the hardest skin type. Skin lipoids level is high, despite this, locally dryness and rashness may occur. In this skin type, gel or cream cleaners may lead to bad results. Milk-cleaners and alcohol-free tonics should be used. A water-based moistener must be used intensely and moister mask should be made from time to time.You can find customizable UniverSkin products in DoctorB Clinic.