Tight, Smooth, Cellulite-Free With Bamboo Masaage

Bamboo massage is an effective non-surgical alternative to body shaping and cellulite removal. This non-surgical treatment provides optimal stimulation, stretching and pressure to subcutaneous tissues that cannot be easily achieved with conventional massage techniques. Bamboo sticks have been used in Brazil for many years to reduce cellulite. You will see the change in the shape of your skin and your body with the application of bamboo massage, you will notice that your cellulite is reduced and you will feel the difference in your skin. Bamboo massage is done by giving a manual pressure to certain points to release liquids in the cellulite-forming fat cells. In the bamboo massage technique, lymphatic drainage massage is performed to drain the fat cell fluids and reduce overall water retention, which improves circulation circulation. The treatment also helps stimulate skin tissue and increases blood circulation at the subcutaneous level. This massage level is deeper than traditional massage techniques applied by a person and works by gently massaging the tissues, so that fat cell fluids can be released from the lymphatic system. Thanks to the increased metabolism of circulatory and lymphatic systems, the body throws out fat and toxins. It is very important to drink plenty of water for this reason and after this treatment period. Bamboo massage is completely painless, it relaxes, it is actually like a traditional massage. The typical treatment time is approximately 30 minutes. We do our best to ensure your comfort and pamper you during the process. The treatment is done on a comfortable massage table. To reduce cellulite, we set the bamboo massage to 8 sessions. The treatment areas are the hips, thighs, legs and pop. However, many patients also state that there is tightness around the hips, abdomen and arms following a series of treatments. Additional benefits of this treatment include strengthening the immune system and stimulating collagen production. For best results, the individual should follow a healthy diet and maintain a consistent exercise program. This helps to eliminate toxins and allows the body to get rid of all the metabolic waste accumulated in the fat pockets.