Turn Back Time With a Liquid Facelift

Can you look young for ten years without going under the knife or without any surgery? Now with Liquid face lift it is possible! Liquid Facelift is a less expensive alternative to non-invasive, non-invasive and surgical facelifts. It is the application of combinations of dermal fillers to give volume to the face, minimize wrinkles, a younger look and tighten the skin. Botox can also be accompanied by this. In Doctor B Clinic, the patient will determine which fillers and injectables to use, which will be the most effective according to the patient’s goals and anatomy. The products used include injectables such as Botox to minimize dermal fillers, wrinkles, fine lines or goose feet to increase different volume. Liquid face lift provides the following problems: Add volume to cheeks, contours Smoothing fine lines, wrinkles and goose feet Smoothing of cigarette lines around the mouth Reshaping the jaw line Removal of falling eyebrows Liquid Facelift is an extremely good solution for the problems of aging due to aging in two or more areas. Instead of making a single injection by handling only one region, it offers an alternative to analyzing multiple problems in a single session. Liquid face lift is done in the Doctor B Clinic within an average of one hour. The procedure provides a close and natural-looking change, and the results may range from nine to 24 months depending on the dermal fillers and injectables used. Since we use anesthetic cream for numbness, it is a painless procedure. Liquid face lift prices vary depending on the type of filler used, the amount and other entectables such as botox.