Unfiltered Beauty

We have been using this expression since 2016. ”Unfiltered Beauty“. Selfie madness, which is formed by the day-to-day trend of social media, has brought the issue of filter into the agenda. Now everyone can make self-shoots with their mobile phones and immediately share an application with their face and body using filters to see where they are problematic. But this raised another problem. With the photos in the social media, they were not satisfied with what they saw when they looked in the mirror. Almost everyone had an effort to smooth their skin and to eliminate wrinkles in particular. A recent study was evidence of this. 60% of the respondents stated that they did not share without filter. Especially women between the ages of 25-40, who are in the important steps of business life, stated that they felt better in this way and that it was a necessity to show them in this way. The study reveals that women in this age range desire a smooth, vibrant and non-wrinkle-free skin. This means that one out of every two women has side problems from the skin and their dissatisfaction. Moreover, most of them want to be clear that they use filters. As we said, we want to share the same statement with you in the last 3 years in this way that we have come up with the motto of “Unfiltered Beauty”. Especially in the busy working life of men and women without stealing the time, the healing process and the effect can see instantly, even with non-surgical treatments, we are trying to have the image they dreamed. Injectable anti-aging treatments, mesotherapy, laser skin care applications, skin treatments, especially with personal planning applications that provide individual solutions with Filterless Beauty possible to reach your dream.