What is the Skin Filling?

Face is restored by filling deep lines and excavations occurred on the face because of aging or other reasons with filling materials when face contour collapses. Filling materials, depending on their active materials are divided into temporary, permeant and half-permanent fill. Permanent and half-permanent filling materials are not mostly preferred because of post-op complication risks. Temporary filling is most frequently used. It provides the opportunity to obtain previous face shape when the person is not satisfied with filling and the person has temporary face filling for the first time and want to check the appearance. The most frequently used temporary filling materials are the materials that include hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a material that is available in our skin and can be produced by the skin itself but its production decreases with age. For that reason, hyaluronic acid that decreases in the skin can be supplied. Hyaluronic acid makes the skin more young and plump by increasing water retention of the skin. Filling materials are applied on mostly bazolabial lines from nose to mouth on the face, lips and cheekbones. Apart from this, it is used to fix jaw contour, decrease under eye collapses and reduce deep wrinkles. Filling material cannot be used directly in under-eye collapses. Because under-eye skin is thin and soft, it cannot be attached enough to this area. Collapsed appearance is almost fixed by filling the space between cheekbones and under-eye area. It is very important to perform all the filling applications by our doctors. You can remove possible problems to obtain requested results and select the filling material which is compatible with your skin by getting a doctor you trust to perform this operation.